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Personal Letter 1
Jl. Pujangga 29

April 20, 2009

... (1)..Putri,

Putri, I’m so glad knowing that you and your family will come here next holiday. We haven’t seen each other for a long while. I miss you so much. If you .come.. (2), I will show you a new park in my town. It is a ..(3)... place, you know.

You informed that you and your family will go by train. However, I don’t know when you will come here exactly. Please tell me the time, so I can ..(4)... you up at the railway station.

O.K., that’s all for now. Please reply soon. Love to auntie, uncle, and Raka.



Personal Letter 2

Jl. Cempaka 178

April 25, 2009

Mr. Jonathan Prawira
Jl. Melati 295

Dear Sir,

You phoned us on Thursday, April 21, 2005 to order some antique furniture. We have written your order, but we’re sorry for losing our note. I hope you can tell us your order once again.
We wait for reply. We promise to send your order soon. We also promise not to be careless anymore. For us, the customers’ satisfaction is the most important thing.

Your sincerely,


Answer the Questions based on the text

1.What is the purpose of the letter?

2.How will Putri’s family go to Ratih’s house?

3.Ratih wrote in her letter “We haven’t seen each other for a long while.”
What do ' a long while' mean?

4. What will Ratih show to Putri if she comes to her town? Ratih wrote in her letter “Please reply soon.” What does 'reply' mean?

5.Ratih wrote in her letter “Putri, I’m so glad knowing … next holiday.”
What does 'glad' mean?

6.What did Ratih write “the closing” in her letter?

7.What is the purpose of the letter?

8.Who is Mr. Jonathan Prawira?

9. Why did the writer ask Mr.Jonathan to rewrite his order?

10.What does the letter tell us about?

Personal Letter 3

Read the letter below. Then, complete it with the words in the box!
a. tourist resort b. service c. told
d. brochure e. total fee f.accommodation

Jl. Kenanga 79

May 9, 2009

Modern Travel Agent
Jl. Hasanudin 214

Dear Sir/Madam,

On Monday we phoned your travel agent and … (1) you that we will go to Bandung next holiday. You had informed us about the … (2), but we are not sure about it. That’s why we want you to gives us more information about it.
Besides, we also want you to send us the … (3) about the traveling. Through it, we will know about the … (4) we will visit, how long we will stay there, and what … (5) we will have.
We hope you reply to our letter soon and give us the information we need. We do hope you give us good … (6). Thank you.



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