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Soal-soal Teks Procedure


Read the text carefully and answer the questions!
Text 1 for questions 1-5

Withdrawing cash with an ATM Card
1. Read the directions.
2. Put your card into the slot.
3. Punch in your personal identification number (PIN).
4. When the choices appear, select “withdrawal from checking.”
5. Enter the amount that you want to withdraw.
6. When your money appears, remove it.
7. When the machine asks if you are finished, press “yes.”
8. Take out the receipt.
9. Take your card.

1. What do we do after you put the card into slot when you want to withdraw money with ATM?
a. Read the direction.
b. Punch in the PIN
c. Put the card again into the slot.
d. Select the “withdrawal from the checking”.

2. “When your money appears, remove it”
The word “it” here refers to ….
a. The machine we use to withdraw money.
b. The amount of money we withdraw from ATM.
c. The receipt we get from the machine.
d. The card we get after we insert into the slot.

3. When we have got the money we want to withdraw, what do we get?
a. Our ATM card.
b. A new PIN
c. “Yes” code from the machine.
d. A receipt

4. What is the goal of the text above?
a. How to save money with ATM.
b. How to operate an ATM.
c. How to withdraw money with ATM card.
d. How to use the ATM card.

5. “Take your card.” From this sentence, we know the card will ….
a. Come out automatically
b. Pop out after long time
c. Fall down from the machine
d. Be in the machine all time

Text 2 for questions 6-10

First, Open your “e-mail program” and launch “a new message window” by clicking on the appropriate icon.
Second, Type the name/the email address of the recipient, make sure to enter the address correctly otherwise the message will return to you. You can also send your email to more than one person by entering multiple addresses.
Third, Type the subject of your email/message.
Fourth, Write your message in the “Message window”
Fifth,Click on the “send” icon or select “send” from the file menu.

6. Which one is the best goal for the above text?
a. Making an email program.
b. A window message.
c. How to send an email.
d. Sending an email is very easy.

7. The statements below are wrong based on the text, except….
a. The text is a kind of report
b. There are six steps in the text
c. We can not send our email to many recipients at once
d. The email must be typed before it is sent

8. What is the social function of such a text?
a. To tell how something is done in a series sections.
b. To inform the material for doing something.
c. Describing the tools used in the text.
d. Narrating the thing being processed.

9. What does the word “recipient” in the text nearly mean?
a. Addressee.
b. Recipe.
c. Person who send the email.
d. The writer of the email.

10. You have to …before clicking the “send” icon or selecting it from the file menu.
a. open the message program
b. type your name
c. insert your picture
d. write your message

Text 3 for questions 11-15

Making Colored egg
- Hard boiled eggs (cooled)
- Paper towels
- Food coloring
- Glass jar
- Vinegar
- Salt

1. Rinse eggs in cooled water and dry it with paper towels. To make the dye, pour half a small bottle of food coloring into a glass jar and add 300 ml of hot water.

2. Add 300 ml vinegar and 15 ml salt. Lower an egg into the jar of dye and leave for a few minutes. Check the color of the eggs regularly.

3. When the eggs have reached the desired color, lift it out and repeat the process with the remaining eggs.

11. What liquid do we need in making colored eggs?
a. Salt b. Vinegar c. Glass jar d. Paper towel

12. Food coloring and hot water are needed to make ….
a. Rinse eggs b. dye c. vinegar d. paper towel

13. “Lower an egg into the jar of dye and leave for a few minutes.”
The underlined word is similar to ….
a. Dip b. Water c. Crack d. Peel

14. Which parts of the text do we get the way to make coloring eggs?
a. Goal b. Material c. Steps d. Identification

15. From the text above we get the information on …
a. What coloring eggs are c. Which the best coloring eggs.
b. How to coloring eggs d. Where we can find coloring

Text 4 for questions 16-20

Lapis Benggala
The dish is believed to have come to Indonesia during the turn of 20th century. As beef was consumed more than lamb or goat, the lapis benggala is made out of beef. The word Lapis Benggala is very interesting mix of Dutch and Malay. “Lapis” from Dutch lapjes (fillet) turned into lapis in Malay and Benggala is Malay for Bengal.
• 500 g beef, mutton or lamb cut into 5x7 cm pieces.
• 6 shallots
• 3 cloves of garlic
• A slice of ginger
• A slice of galangal 10 g
• 15 cm lemon grass
• 2 tsp roasted trassi
• ¼ tsp ground nutmeg
• 1 tsp salt or to taste
• ½ tsp ground pepper
• 3 Lbs margarine, for stir frying
• 300 ml beef, mutton 0r lamb broth
• 3 Jeruk purut (kaffir lime leaves)
• 3 Lbs sweet soy sauce
• 400 ml thick coconut milk
1. Grind shallots, garlic, ginger, galangal, lemon grass and trassi into a paste. Then add the meat slices. Season with nutmeg, salt and pepper. Mix and let stand for twenty minutes.
2. Heat margarine or butter and add the spiced meat slices. Cook over medium heat until meat changes color.
3. Pour in meat broth and add the lime leaves, sweet soy sauce and coconut milk.
4. Continue cooking until meat is tender.
Makes 5 servings.

16. What is the purpose of the text?
a. To entertain the readers.
b. To describe a Lapis Benggala.
c. To tell how to make a Lapis Benggala
d. To inform what the Lapis Benggala is.

17. What should we do to make the butter dissolve in the cook?
a. Add the spiced meat slices.
b. Heat margarine cooks over medium heat.
c. Pour in meat broth.
d. Continue cooking.

18. According to the text, we need … kinds of materials to make a Lapis Benggala.
a. 15 b. 16 c. 17 d. 18

19. “Pour in meat broth and add the lime leaves.”
The underlined word means ….
a. put b. take c. place d. mix

20. What do you use to grind?
a. Mixer b. Grater c. Blender d. Cooker

Text 5 questions 21-26
Read the text below and choose the word that is closest to the meaning of each of words as used in the text!

How to catch a wave

Here’s some advice for kids who are just learning how to surf.
1. Use a light, small, fiberglass board with a leg rope and wetsuit if it is cold.
2. Find a safe, uncrowned spot on the beach. The water should not be choppy so that you will get clean ride.
3. Don’t go out too far if you haven’t surfed before.
4. Wait until you see a small wave then lie on your surfboard. When the wave is close, start paddling furiously.
5. If you’re more experienced, you could try kneeling on the board once you are on the wave.
6. The most important thing is to keep your balance or else you will end up falling off the board.

21. surf (verb)
a. drive a wave
b. ride on a wave
c. swim under a wave

22. wetsuit (noun)
a. T-shirt
b. trousers
c. rubber clothing

23. spot
a. place
b. area
c. pool

24. choppy
a. slippery
b. wide
c. small

25. paddle (verb)
a. swim
b. pull
c. drive

=== good luck ===

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