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Soal Ulangan Akhir Semester Kelas VII sem 2

Choose the best answer by shadowing a, b, c or d with 2 b pencil on your computer answer sheet.

For no. 1-5, answer the questions based on the text below.

My Blewuk
I have some pets. However, my favorite pet is Blewuk.
Blewuk is a male cat. I call it Blewuk because his fur is grey. He is very adorable with his soft stripes fur. He has innocent round eyes and feeble sweet voice. He always meows when he feels hungry. Actually, his voice is not suitable with his giant body. When I come home, he usually gives me a kiss.
Blewuk is a nice playmate. I’m happy to spend my time with him. Most of the time he’s a good boy. It’s almost impossible for me to be angry
at him. In the morning, he always wakes me up early. When he wakes up earlier, he waits quietly by my bedside until I wake up.

1. What is the purpose of the text?
a. Telling animal’s habit
b. Describing a male cat
c. Sharing the writer’s hobby
d. Informing someone’s like

2. Why is the pet called Blewuk?
a. Because it has grey fur
b. Because it is a male cat.
c. Because it is very adorable
d. Because it has innocent round eyes.

3. What does the word ‘feeble’ in the text mean?
a. weak c. strong
b. loud d. coarse

4. What is the main idea of paragraph 3?
a. The writer is happy to have a pet.
b. Blewuk always wakes up early.
c. The cat is very patient.
d. Blewuk is a good playmate.

5. ‘It’s almost impossible for me to be angry at
him.’ The word ‘him’ refers to ….
a. pets c. the writer
b. Blewuk d. playmate

The notice is for no. 6 and 7.

6. You may find this of writing in the places
below, except ….
a. in the classroom
b. in the supermarket
c. in the library
d. in the hospital

7. What does the notice mean?
a. We are allowed to talk.
b. Somebody are allowed to talk
c. We’re not allowed to talk loudly
d. We must be noisy.

Read the dialogue for no. 8 and 9.

Noka : Good morning, Yanti.
Yanti : Good morning, Noka. How are you?
Noka : Pretty well, thanks. How’s everything
with you, Yanti?
Yanti : Great!

8. What are the girls doing in the dialogue?
a. They are meeting each other.
b. They are introducing to each other.
c. They are discussing daily life.
d. They are greeting each other.

9. Below are possible relationship between Noka
and Yanti, except ….
a. friends c. mother and daughter
b. classmates d. sisters

10. Mr. Bataav : Goodbye, Class. See you next
Students : …, Mr. Bataav. See you.
a. Bye c. Thank you
b. My pleasure d. Yes

11. Togar : Good morning, Sir.
Mr. Adi : Good morning, Toga. …?
Togar : I’m very sorry, Sir. I was stuck
in a traffic jam.
Mr. Adi : Al right, come earlier next time.
a. Where were you just now
b. How are you this morning
c. Why do you come this morning
d. Why are you late this morning

The text below is for no. 12-16.

Name : M. Akmal Dhiaulhaq
Place of birth : Banjarnegara
Date of birth : January 22nd, 2001
School : SDN 03 RA.Fadilah, Grade 1
Adress : Jl. Pesona 3, Jakarta
Father : Pujianto
Mother : Wardhani
Brother’s name : Rafi
Hobby : Drawing, singing

12. How old is Akmal now?
He is … years old.
a. five c. seven
b. six d. eight

13. What is he ?
a. He is a boy.
b. He is a primary student.
c. He is Rafi’s brother.
d. He is from Banjarnegara.
14. How many people are there in Akmal’s family?
a. three c. five
b. four d. six

15. What does he like to do in his spare time?
a. He likes to do shopping.
b. He likes playing football.
c. He likes to draw and sing.
d. He likes watching television.

16. Which one is true to the text?
a. There are two boys in the family.
b. He was born in Jakarta.
c. Akmal celebrates his birthday in 2001.
d. He is in the second year of primary school.

17. Jarwo : Hi, I’m Jarwo. What’s your name?
Pinky : Hi, Jarwo. I’m Pinky.
Jarwo : …?
Pinky : P I N K Y
Jarwo : Nice to meet you, Pinky.
Pinky : Nice to meet you, too.
a. What do you say your name
b. How do you say it
c. Who are you
d. How do you spell it

18. Anggun : Good morning, Maam.
Librarian : Good morning. Can I help you?
Anggun : Oh, yes. I’d like to … this book.
Librarian : Put it here, please.
Anggun : Thanks, Maam.
a. borrow c. return
b. read d. take

The following dialogue is for no. 19-21.

Mother : Get up, please, Rafi.
Rafi : In a minute, Mom.
Mother : Come on. Have a shower.
Rafi : Just a minute, Mom.
Mother : Then have breakfast.
Rafi : Don’t worry, Mom.
Mother : I’m leaving now. Bye.
Rafi : Bye, Mom.

19. When does the dialogue take place?
a. In the break time
b. In the morning
c. In the afternoon
d. In the evening

20. Mother ask his son to ….
a. have breakfast
b. do his home work
c. go for a leaving
d. wake up from his bed

21. What do we call to such text?
a. Functional text
b. Transactional text
c. Interpersonal text
d. Procedure text

22. Nasa : Can you mention one object in your
room, Aya?
Aya : I have a new hi-tech, expensive
digital camera.
The underlined word is synonymous with ….
a. cheap c. pricey
b. inexpensive d. heavy

The following text is for no. 23-25.


23. What kind of text is it?
It is a kind of ….
a. label c. notice
b. message d. announcement

24. We usually find this piece of writing in….
a. park c. zoo
b. stadium d yard

25. What does it nearly mean?
a. We are allowed to sit on the grass.
b. We can walk on the grass.
c. We don’t have to walk on the grass.
d. We are not allowed to step on the grass.

Read the following text for questions no. 26-.

Heni usually has a very busy week. On Monday she gets up at 5.30 a.m. and has a shower. She has breakfast by 6.00 a.m. She walks to the bus stop to take a bus. The bus arrives at 6.30. It stops many times on the way. There is no bus stop near the school. She gets off at Jalan Bukit Asam and walks to school. She arrives at school by 6.55 a.m. The school begins at 7.00 with flag ceremony. Then she has Physical Education. at 7.40. After that she has Bahasa Indonesia and Social science. They have their morning break at 9.40 a.m. They start again at 10.00 a.m. Then she has Mathematics and English. School finishes at 12.40 p.m. She reaches home at 1.30 p.m.

26. What kind of text is the above one?
a. Narrative c. Descriptive
b. Procedure d. Recount

27. What is the text about?
a. Heni’s Monday activities.
b. A very busy week
c. Morning activities
d. Heni’s school routines

28. How does Heni go to school?
a. On foot c. By taxi
b. By car d. By bus

29. How long does she take to school?
She takes … minutes to school.
a. fifteen c. thirty
b. twenty five d. forty

30. Why does she walk to school after getting off
the bus? Because …
a. her school is far from the bus stop
b. there is no car near it
c. the school is in remote place
d. it is the school’s rules

31 What does she join at school first?
a. Flag ceremony
b. Physical Education class
c. Mathematics
d. Bahasa Indonesia

32. Here are the subjects on Monday, except ….
a. Civics c. Mathematics
b. Bahasa Indonesia d. English

33. What does the last subject Heni learn?
a. Mathematics c. English
b. Physical Education d. Social science

34. How long does she have a break?
a. ten minutes c. a half hour
b. twenty minutes d. forty minutes

35. How long does Heni study at school?
She studies for … hours.
a. five c. five and a half
b. five and a quarter d. five point forty

36. Tito : Hello, Yogi. Where are you going?
Yogi : I’m going to the laboratory.
Tito : What subject do you have?
Yogi : ….
a. Physics c. Arts
b. Geography d. Civics

37. The underlined word in dialogue no.36 means
a. topic c. themes
b. lesson d. chapters

Read the text below for no. 38-43.

Dear Riri in Cimanggis,

You’re having a problem with migraine, right? It happens when people have a lot of problems or when they cannot get things done. Why don’t you just enjoy your life? Don’t get stressed, share your problems with someone close to you. Perhaps they can help you. Remember; don’t push yourself to do something out of your limit. One more thing, you have to get enough sleep and eat regularly.
Hope your migraines will go away. Otherwise, go to see the doctor about your problem.

38. Who get the letter?
a. Doctor c. Sinta
b. The readers d. Riri

39. What problem does the addressee have?
a. Migraines c. Toothache
b. Her study d. Stomachache

40. What is the purpose of the letter?
a. Describing health
b. Replying letter
c. Telling something
d. Sharing experience

41. Where do you usually find this kind of letter?
a. At school c. In a hospital
b. In a magazine d. In a newspaper

42. Here are the suggestions in the letter, except ….
a. enjoy the life
b. share the problems with close friend
c. get enough sleep
d. read a lot of book

43. Where does the addressee live?
a. In Jakarta c. In Cimanggis
b. In Surabaya d. In Solo

The text below is for no. 44- 45.

• A dozen of eggs
• Three bags of flour
• Two kilos of sugar
• A tin of milk
• Three cans of soup
• A can of beans
• Three can of sardines
• A bottle of chili sauce
• A bag of rice
• Two packet of tea

44. What kind of text is it?
a. Shopping list
b. Short list
c. List card
d. Shopping schedule

45. What is the purpose of the text?
a. To remember the shop assistant
b. To give to the cashier
c. To remind what to buy
d. To be brought to the market

46. How many things are in the list?
a. Seven c. Nine
b. Eight d. Ten

47. How many eggs will be bought?
a. Ten eggs c. Fifteen eggs
b. Twelve eggs d. Twenty eggs

48. Which one below will not be bought?
a. Rice c. Orange
b. Sugar d. Tea
The following text is for questions no. 58 to 60.

These are the ways on how to make salad. First, rinse some lettuce by running water over it. Then drain it in a colander.
Second, rinse some tomatoes and cucumbers. Third, slice the tomatoes and the cucumbers with a knife on a cutting board. Fourth, mix the lettuce and the cucumber in a salad bowl. Then lay the tomato slices on top. Sprinkle some grated cheese on the salad. Finally, pour some dressing on the salad.

49. What does the text tell us?
a. The ways to make salad
b. How to wash the lettuce
c. The steps to rinse the tomatoes
d. To cook salad

50. We need the ingredients below to make salad,
except, ….
a. peanuts
b. lettuce
c. tomatoes
d. cucumbers


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