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Class VIII / Daily test

Choose the correct answer by shadowing A, B, C or D with 2B pencil on your computer answer sheet.

1. Zaki : Let's take a look at the giraffe.
… .
Erni : I think it's the tallest animal in the
world. It can reach and eat leaves on
the high tree.
Zaki : Yes, you’re right.

a. Do you agree?
b. Is it expensive?
c. Where is it?
d. What do you say on it?

2. Karyo : You seem very busy this morning?
Karti : Yes, I'm moving these flower pots on
that side
Karno : … .
Karti : Oh, you're so nice. Thank you.
a. Can you help me?
b. How about this pot?
c. Is it okay if I'm here?
d. Would you need any help?

3. Wanti : Are all these flowers yours?
Nissa : Yes, they are. I plant and water them
Wanti : … .
Nissa : Thank you. I like to do it. It's my
a. They look so bad.
b. They are very fresh
c. You are a very diligent girl.
d. What nice plants they are!

Read the dialogue to answer questions 4 and 5
A : Hot in here, isn't it?
B : Yeah, really.
A : Is it okay if I sit here?
B : Of course. Help yourself.
A : Thanks. My name's George Bolton, by the
B : Hi. I'm Santi.

4. Who do you think they are? They are ….
a. couple of lover
b. brother and sister
c. new acquaintance
d. teacher and student

5. What are they doing actually in the dialogue? They are … .
a. discussing something
b. introducing each other
c. talking about weather
d. asking permission

6. Mother : Wanda, come here please.
Wanda : Yes, ma'am.
Mother : Buy me a kilo of sugar, please.
Wanda : Alright ma'am.
The underlined expression means … .
a. apologizing
b. showing regret
c. giving instruction
d. asking permission

7. Dinda : Mother, look I got 9 for the English
Mother : Really? … .
Dinda : Thanks, mom.
Mother : I'm sure you can get 19 for the next
a. Nice girl c. Wish me luck
b. Good luck d. Congratulation

Read the text for questions 8 to 10.

Your lunch is on the table. Warm it up yourself. Don't forget to take the medicine for your bad cough. Mom's at the supermarket and will be home soon

8. What kind of text is it?
a. Label c. Letter
b. Notice d. Message

9. Whom is it for?
a. Rizki's mom. c. Mother
b. Readers d. Rizki

10. Rizki is having … now
a. Lunch c. Medicine
b. Cough d. Toothache

The following text for no. 11 and 12


11. Where can you find the notice?
a. In a hotel c. At the bus station
b. At the airport d. In a restaurant

12. What does the notice mean?
a. The guests are suggested to check out at 12 to get additional room's charge
b. The guests will pay extra bill due to checking out after 12 noon.
c. No guest is allowed to check out after 12 o'clock.
d. It is a must for every guest to check out at 12.

Read the announcement for questions 13 and 14.
To: All Basketball Team

We will have technical meeting for the next match. Please do come to school on Sunday 12th at 9:00 a.m.
13. Who wrote the announcement?
a. Teacher.
b. Students
c. Basketball member.
d. The team coordinator.

14. When will the meeting be held?
a. Next week.
b. Next match
c. On Sunday morning
d. On Sunday afternoon

For no. 15 to 18, complete the paragraphs below with suitable words.
To: Santi

Take the key above the .. (15).. .
I keep it there. If you want to .. (16)… everything is ready on the table. I'm going to the florist now.

15. a. chair
a. door
b. table
c. drawer

16. a. watch TV
b. play games
c. do homework
d. have your lunch
17. a. buy c. have
b. take d. apply

18. a. leg c hair
b. hand d. skin

Read the dialogue below for questions 19 to 21.

Tari : have you ever been to the zoo?
Sari : Yes, I have. Three or four times I think.
Tari : You must know this animal then.
Sari : What does it look like?
Tari : It's big with a very long neck. It can
reach 5 meters height.
Sari : Does it have any spot pattern on its
Tari : Yes, you're right. Its spot are brown.
Sari : Does it eat leaves?
Tari : Exactly. This animal is not a native in
our country. It comes from Africa.
Sari : I know this animal. I saw it in the zoo.

19. What animal are Tari and Sari talking?
a. Rhino c. Giraffe
b. Zebra d. Hippopotamus

20. How does its skin look like?
a. It is very thick
b. It has brown spots
c. It has brown stripes
d. It is black and white

21. Tari is …. the animal characteristic to Sari
a. drawing c. analyzing
b. comparing d. describing
Questions 22 to 24 are based on this text


 The fascinating World of Traditional Indone sian Textiles, Borneo Gallery, Jl. Kemang Utara Raya 58B, Kemang, South Jakarta, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
 Video Art from the Nederlands, Eramus Huis, Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said, Kav. S-3, Kuningan, South Jakarta (Tel. 5241069).
 Calligraphy Adzan by Syaiful Adnan, Gallery Millennium, D'Best Shopping Center, Blok B-23, Jl. R.S. Fatmawati No. 15, South Jakarta, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

 Theater Anak-anak Kegelapan (Children of darkness) by satu Merah Panggung, Graha Bhakti Budaya-TIM, Jl. Cikini Raya 73, Central Jakarta, 8 p.m.
 Ekectronic Music Concert by Kreidler Group from Dusseldorf, at Goethe Haus, Jl. Samratu langi 9-15, Central Jakarta, 7 p.m.
 Chinese Opera The Haunted temple and Ramayana, Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, Jl. Gedung Kesenian No. 1, Central Jakarta, 8 p.m.

22. What will you see in Gallery Millennium, South Jakarta?
a. Opera c. Calligraphy
b. Theater d. Music Concert

23. How long is the exhibition of Indonesian Traditional Textiles?
a. 6 hours. c. 8 hours.
b. 7 hours. d. 9 hours.

24. The following information is provided in the text. Except ….

a. The Haunted Temple and Ramayana is the title of Chinese Opera
b. Music Concert is being played by Kreidler group from Düsseldorf.
c. Calligraphy exhibits in Borneo Gallery, Kemang, South Jakarta.
d. Theater Children of Darkness performs in Graha Bhakti Budaya- TIM.

The following text for numbers 25 to 28.

Celtic People

About 500 B.C. Celtic people were learning how to smelt iron. The iron ore they needed was close to the surface of the ground and easy to mine. Iron tools became very popular. They were easy to use and cheap to make. They made a big difference to the way the people farmed and the way they built their houses.

The remains of Celtic farmhouses have been found in many parts of Europe. These houses were often built as two circles, one inside the other. The family lived inside the smaller circle and the farm animals were stabled in the outer ring. Sometimes the houses were made of stone, but usually there were was a wooden frame with wattle and daub between. They had thatched roofs.

A Celtic was a busy, well organized place. Celts made their own clothes from their own cloth. They were skilled farmers growing many crops and keeping many animals. They made pottery, ornaments, tools, and weapon from metal. People worked together to make their lives safe and comfortable.

25. The remains of the Celtic farmhouses show that the Celts … .
a. Made a lot of weapons.
b. Made their own clothes.
c. Usually built stone houses.
d. Lived alongside their animals.

26. Iron tools were popular with Celtic people because they were.. .
a. close to the surface, cheap to make and easy to use.
b. easy to use, cheap to make and helped with building
c. easy to use, helped with building and had wooden frames
d. cheap to make, found in many parts of Europe and had wooden frames

27. The Celtic home is described as … .
a. busy and well- organized
b. popular and well built
c. small and ornamental
d. cheap and safe

28. Celts made their lives safe and comfortable by … .
a. working together
b. building houses
c. smelting iron
d. making tools

For number 29 and 30, arrange the words into a good sentence

29. coming – nurse – the – received – night –
1 2 3 4 5
the message – was – a patient – that
6 7 8 9
a. 6-7-4-9-8-1-2-3-5
b. 3-5-7-1-9-2-4-6-8
c. 8-7-1-3-5-9-2-4-6
d. 3-5-2-4-6-9-8-7-1

30. the shore – from – a tidal – the ocean – wave -
1 2 3 4 5
toward – rushing in – comes
6 7 8
a. 3-8-7-5-2-1-6-4
b. 5-8-7-3-2-4-6-1
c. 1-8-3-5-7-2-6-4
d. 3-5-8-7-2-4-6-1

For questions 31 and 32 choose the underlined word which is SPELT INCORRECTLY.

31. a. These cute animals have a grey, soft furry
b. They have brown and white fethers and small wings
c. It has reddish-yellow fur and a long bushy tail
d. These eight-legged animals are very dangerous indeed.

32. a. They cook their on food on a small type of portable stove.
b. They can take a place to sleep in a tent or a carravan.
c. All of this equipment is carried in their cars or trailers.
d. People travel away from their homes in cities and town to have holiday.

For no. 33 to 37, complete the paragraphs below with suitable words.

The winter season in Australia is (33) … about June to August. The temperatures in some places, like Tasmania and some big (34) ... in the south of Australia, can drop as (35) ... as zero degrees Celsius. When it's cold like that, most Australians have to (36) ..., in jackets, gloves and scarves. (37) ... also have to use central heating in their house.

33. a. in c. from
b. at d. between

34. a. states c. countries
b. cities d. villages

35. a. low c. high
b. hot d. hot

36. a. get fire c. make clothes
b. protect d. dress up warm

37. a. It c. We
b. He d. They

The following text for numbers 38 to 42.

Chinese Baby Pooh-poohs Advertising Offer

Beijing: The family of a baby boy formally named China's 1.3 billionth citizen has turned down advertising deals from many companies making everything from diapers to infant formula, state media said on Monday.
Many companies had contacted Zhang Yichi's parents, hoping the boy would act as an "image representative" for their products. Xinhua news agency said, quoting the Beijing Daily Messenger.
The family turned down all the invitations, except the offer of insurance provided by an insurance company.
"It's lucky to be China 1.3 billionth citizen," the baby's father, Zhang Tong, was quoted as saying.
"But it's unnecessary to act as an image representative for so many products, since Zhang Yichi is too young and too many commercial activities will have negative impact on the boy's healthy growth." - Reuters

38. What is the name of the baby boy?
a. Xinhua c. Zhang Tong
b. Pooh-pooh d. Zhang Yichi

39. What made the baby in the passage become very popular in China?
a. The commercials activities made the baby to be very healthy boy.
b. Many companies needed him as an "image representative" for their products.
c. The family of the baby turned down many advertising offers.
d. The baby boy became China 1.3 billionth citizen.

40. Why do the parents of the baby pooh-pooh a lot of advertisement offers?
a. Many companies in China offer unnecessary products.
b. The offers come late to contact the baby boy formally.
c. The baby boy only deals with an insurance company.
d. The offers will get negative impact on the boy's healthy growth.

41. The word "pooh-pooh" in the title of the text can be replaced with … .
a. expect c. show off
b. seek for d. turn down

42. From the passage we learn that … .
a. A Chinese baby acts as "image impression" for many products
b. Advertising deals have negative impact on the one's healthy growth
c. Many companies have advertised a Chinese baby for their certain products
d. A Chinese baby family has turned down advertising offers of certain products.

For questions 43 and 44 choose the sentence which has been PUNCTUATED CORRECTLY

43. a. We'll be taking rods, reels and tackle boxes on this year's fishing trip.
b. We'll be taking rods, reels, and tackle boxes' on this years' fishing trip.
c. We'll be taking rod's, reel's and tackle boxes on this years' fishing trip.
d. We'll be taking rods, reels and tackle boxes on this years fishing trip.

44. a. When Carlos asked how I spend my weekends I replied usually, "I like to catch up with friends".
b. When Carlos asked how I spend my weekends, I replied, "Usually I like to catch up with friends."
c. When Carlos asked how I spend my weekends? I replied, "Usually I like to catch up with friends."
d. When Carlos asked how I spend my weekends, I replied, "usually I like to catch up with friends."

For questions 45 to 48, choose the word that has the same meaning with the italic word

45. The young cubs yardage close to their mother during the first six months.
a. eat c. stay
b. run d. learn

46. An average pronged begins to talk after about a year, and has good command of the language.
a. Child. c. Person
b. Lizard d. Dolphin

47. Smoking has been shown to be extremely croon to the health.
a. Sick. c. Expensive
b. Cruel d. Dangerous

48. In January and February, the grads fig months of the year in Europe, people try to stay indoors as much as possible.
a. Nicest c. Coldest
b. Driest d. Funniest

For number 49 and 50, arrange the sentences into a good paragraph.

49. (1) The animals have been pushed back and their natural habitat has been reduced.
(2) The government has created natural reserves to protect both animals and plan.
(3) Many natural forests where the animals live are being destroyed.
(4) One of them is Bogor Botanical Garden.
(5) People have cleared the land to cultivate crops.
a. 1-5-3-2-4 c. 4-3-5-1-2
b. 5-1-4-3-2 d. 3-5-1-2-4

50. (1) Everywhere you go, you see people wearing batik shirts and dresses.
(2) Everywhere in Indonesia, batik has many uses.
(3) Indonesia is very famous for its batik.
(4) Indonesians also like to use it for table clothes and for curtains.
a. 4-1-2-3
b. 4-3-2-1
c. 3-2-4-1
d. 3-1-4-2

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