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Class VII / Daily test

A. Complete the blank spaces by listen to the
1. Joshua : Hello, my name is Joshua
Joan : Hi, I’m Joan! ………………..!
Joshua : Nice to meet you, too! Are you
from Canada?
Joan : No, I’m from Australia.
Joshua : I’m Indonesian.

2. Tini : Hi, Anggrek. ……………………….?
Anggrek: Fine, thanks. And you?
Tini : Very well, thanks.

3. Tono : Good afternoon. How are you?
Anton : I’m fine, thanks. How are you?
Tono : Anton, this is Dave
Anton : …………………?
Tono : How do you do?

4. Lisa : Hello, I’m Lisa.
Tony : Hello, I’m Tony.
Lisa : ……………………..!
Tony : Glad to meet you, too!

5. Michael : Hi, Lucy. How …..?
Lucy : Fine, ….? And you?
Michael : Very well, ……
Lucy, this is Mr. Young.
Mr. Young this is Lucy.
Lucy : Hi, ….
Mr. Young : Hi, ……
Lucy : Where do you come from?
Mr. Young : ……….. I’m ………….

B. Read to this text and answer these questions!
My name is Rebecca. I am a student, and I am Indonesian. My father is a soldier. His name is Ferdinan, and he is from Medan. My mother is an Englsh teacher. Her name is Tini Sumirah. She is not Javanese. She is from Bandung. Now we are in Jakarta.

1. Is Rebecca a teacher?
2. Where is she from?
3. What is her father’s name?
4. What is his occupation?
5. What is her mother’s name?
6. What is her occupation?
7. Where is she from?
8. Are they now in Medan?

Create a dialogue based on the situation below!
1. You have a new classmate. Introduce yourself to him/her.
2. You have a new teacher. Introduce yourself to him/her.
3. When you go out with your friend Lisa, you meet your old friend Lusi. Introduce Lisa to Lusi.
4. You are a new student. Introduce yourself to the class.

Read the text carefully!

Budiman is Laila’s brother. His hair is Wavy. He is tall and big. He is thirty years old. Laila is a tall woman. She has curly hair. She is thirty two years old. Mr. Bronto is Laila’s father. He is short and fat. He is sixty years old. She has straight hair.

Her hair is in pony tail style. Didi is a boy of eleven years old. He is thin and short. His hair is straight. Mrs Bronto always wears “Kebaya”. She is tall and thin.

She is in her fifties. Mr. And Mrs. Bronto have two children and several grand children, they have a happy family.

Answer these questions based on the text above!
1. Who is Budiman?
2. How old is Budiman’s brother?
3. Is Laila’s father short and fat?
4. How old is Laila’s father?
5. How many children do Mr. and Mrs. Bronto have?

A. Fill in the blank with appropriate tobe!
1. Rindia … a student
2. Lusi and Lisa … good student
3. He … not my father
4. We … sailors
5. Lusi and I … old friend
6. Anton … a businessman
7. My father and my mother … doctors
8. … this a pen?
9. Dinda and you … smart students
10. … you an SMP student?
B. Change to negative and interrogative forms!
1. I am a student
2. My father is a businessman
3. Andi and I are classmate
4. Mr. Joe is an English teacher
5. They are my friends

C. Change to plural and singular forms!
1. This is a pen
2. That is a child
3. These are girls
4. Those are women
5. This is an apple

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