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Soal Kelas VII Remedial

A Complete these dialogs!
a. Ben : Hello. I’m Ben.
Ani : Hello, Ben. I’m Ani.
Ben : Hi Ani.
Ani : You are new here,
Ben : I am.
Ani : Well, welcome to
the school.
Ben : …………………

b. Mrs. Santosa: Hello. Are you the
new student?
Ben : Yes, Mam. I am.
Mrs. Santosa: And your name is…?
Ben : Ben, Mam.
Mrs. Santosa: Ben. Is that it?
Ben : Benedict, Mam.
Mrs. santosa: How do you spell it?
Ben : B E N E D I C T.
Mrs. Santosa: Right. Nice to meet
you Benedict.
Ben : …………….. too, Mam.
c. Anang : Hi, Ben. I am Anang.
Ben : Hi, Anang.
Anang : …………………………?
Ben : I am from England.
Anang : England? That’s very

B. Fill this incomplete paragraph rightly!

Hi, I am . . . . (a) I’m . . . (b) years old. I like to . . . . (c) I come from . . . . (d) I have . . . . (e) My father works . . . .(f)

4. Make the dialogues based on the

1. You have a new teacher.
How would you introduce yourself?

2. You have a new friend at school.
How would you introduce yourself?

3. You are a new student.
How would you introduce yourself to the class?

C. Reading
Read the text carefully and answer the questions!

Hi, I am Tanti. I am 13 years old. I like to collect stamps and dance very much. I come from a small family. I have an older sister and a younger brother. My father works for a company and my mother is a teacher. Oh yeah, I have a pet. It’s a cat. His name is Belang.

1. How old is Tanti?
2. What is her mother’s occupation?
3. How many brothers and sisters does Tanti have?
4. What are her hobbies?
5. Who is Belang?
6. How many people are there in Tanti’s family?

2.Change to the negative and interrogative forms!
a. Mr. Sukijo is our librarian
b. I am an SMP student
c. English is my favorite subject
d. Andi and Ani are my classmates
e. Dini is a clever student in my class.

3.Arrange these words to make a good
a. Andi – teacher – Mr. – a – is - ?
b. student – am – a – I
c. children – they – are
d. in – students – the – are – the - laboratory
e. not – Andi – is – teacher. Is – he –
student – a.

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