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Soal Remedial Kelas IX


1. What does the notice above mean?
a. Do not keep the children.
b. Do not give to the children.
c. Do not play with the children.
d. Do not pay attention to the children

Read the label and answer questions 2 to 5.

Dietary Supplement
600 mg 100 Soft gels
Supplement Facts
Serving size : 1 soft gel
Amount per 1 soft gel % Daily Value*
Vitamin D 200 IU 50
Calcium (from milk) 600 mg 60
Zinc 15 mg *
*Daily value has not been established
Other ingredients: Gelatin, Glycerin, Purified Water
Directions: As a dietary supplement, take one soft gel for adults daily.
Manufactured for: EXP 04 27 10
Walnut, CA 91789
Made in U.S.A.

2. You can find this label in ….
a. electronic box. c. drink.
b. medicine. d. food.

3. When will the milk calcium expire?
a. April 27th , 2010.
b. April 4th, 2010.
c. November 27th, 2004.
d. November 22th, 2004.

4. The statements below are TRUE, except ….
a. Milk calcium is manufactured in NU-HEALTH PRODUCTS CO.
b. Milk calcium is a dietary supplement.
c. Milk calcium is served one a day.
d. Milk calcium is made in U.S.A.

5. “Daily value has not been established.” (Line 10)What is the meaning of the underlined word?
a. Ordered. c. Carried.
b. Created. d. Helped.

is allowed in the aircraft cabin

at any time in the terminal building

6. Where can you find the notice above?
a. In any terminal buildings
b. In railway station
c. In bus station
d. In airport

7. The notice above means … .
a. we must be careful of pickpocket
b. it’s allowed to take more than one luggage
c. we must take a luggage in terminal building
d. it’s allowed to leave baggage in terminal building

The night we met I felt so good
The stars fell from heaven
The moon shined so bright
I never thought it could

But then the owls hooted
The coyotes barked
I wished it was day
My mind was polluted

The rain came pouring
The moon eclipsed
The night was blackened
By this single doing

I felt lost
I felt scared
But then morning came
And it was all just a dream

8. “The stars fell from heaven.” (Line 2)
What does it mean?
a. The stars look beautiful.
b. The stars runaway from heaven.
c. Heaven is unreachable for stars.
d. Heaven is so empty without stars.

9. How many animals are mentioned in the poem?
a. 4 c. 2
b. 3 d. 1

10. “I felt scared” (Line 14)
What is the synonym of “scared”?
a. happy. c. brave.
b. afraid. d. sad.

11. “The moon shined so bright.” (Line 3)
What is the antonym of “bright”?
a. colorful. c. strong.
b. brilliant. d. dark.

This text is for questions 12 to 16.

The Cat and the Fox
Once a Cat and a Fox were traveling together. As they went along, picking up provisions on the way -- a stray mouse here, a fat chicken there -- they began an argument to while away the time between bites. And, as usually happens when comrades argue, the talk began to get personal.
"You think you are extremely clever, don't you?" said the Fox. "Do you pretend to know more than I? Why, I know a whole sack full of tricks!"
"Well," retorted the Cat, "I admit I know one trick only, but that one, let me tell you, is worth a thousand of yours!"
Just then, close by, they heard a hunter's horn and the yelping of a pack of hounds. In an instant the Cat was up a tree, hiding among the leaves.
"This is my trick," he called to the Fox. "Now let me see what yours are worth."
But the Fox had so many plans for escape he could not decide which one to try first. He dodged here and there with the hounds at his heels. He doubled on his tracks, he ran at top speed, he entered a dozen burrows, but all in vain. The hounds caught him, and soon put an end to the boaster and all his tricks.

12. Why did the fox think that he was extremely clever?
a. The fox got more provisions than the cat did.
b. The fox knew a whole sack full of tricks.
c. The cat pretended to be clever.
d. The cat’s trick was not worth.

13. What kind of text is the text above?
a. fable. c. folk tales.
b. legend. d. fairy tales.

14. “As they went along, picking … between bites.”
(Line 1 )
“They” refers to ….
a. cat and fox. c. chicken and fox.
b. cat and mouse. d. chicken and mouse

15. The communicative purpose of the text is to ….
a. provide factual information.
b. explain about animals’ life.
c. present two pints of view.
d. entertain the reader.

16. What is the moral of the story?
a. Too much attention to danger may cause us to fall victims to it.
b. Common sense is always worth more than cunning is.
c. Too much snobbery will kill you.
d. The sixth sense is needed in life.

Read the text and answer questions 17 to 21.

Different Types of Sea Mammals
Seals, sea lions and walruses live both on land and in the sea. When on dry land or on ice, they are very clumsy in their movements. But in the water they swim gracefully. They all leave the water for land or ice fields to give birth to their young.
The dolphins and the sea cows are sea mammals. Dolphins and porpoises look alike but usually the dolphins are larger. These animals are mainly fish eaters. Experiments show that dolphins are intelligent and can communicate with each other. They can be trained to perform various kinds of tricks and acts.
The highly intelligent killer whale belongs to the dolphin family. Despite of its scary name, it has never been heard to attack human.

17 . The text above is in the form of ….
a. report. c. narrative.
b. recount. d. procedure.

18. What is the main idea of paragraph 3?
a. Killer whale doesn’t move gracefully.
b. Killer whale swims faster than dolphins.
c. Killer whale can communicate each other.
d. Killer whale, intelligent sea mammal, never attack human.

19. “When on … in their movements.”
What does the underlined word refer to?
a. Whales and porpoises.
b. Dolphins and sea cows.
c. Sea mammals and walruses.
d. Seals, sea lions, and walruses.

20. The text mainly tells us about ….
a. attitude of sea mammals.
b. behavior of sea mammals.
c. different size of sea mammals.
d. different kinds of sea mammals.

21. Why are the dolphins considered to be intelligent
sea mammals?
a. They are fish eaters.
b. They never attach human.
c. They go to land to give a birth.
d. They can be trained to perform tricks and acts.

This text is for questions 22 to 26.
7th April, 2005
Today, we have a new member in our family. It has soft white fur and likes to lick its paws. It is also very curious and likes to explore its new surrounding. It seems to like milk and fish a lot and waits eagerly as we prepare its meal. Yes! It is our new cat!
Father saw it purring by the side of the road just now, and decided to bring it home. Now, it has become our family cat. I love it very much and named it Ginger. Ginger seems to like me a lot too and follows wherever I go. I like to tickle its belly and it will always purr in satisfaction.
Father promised he will buy a cushion for Ginger to sleep on the next day. But tonight, it will share the bed with me.

22. What is the generic structure of the text?
a. Orientation, complication, and resolution.
b. Thesis, complications, and reorientation.
c. Orientation, events, and reorientation.
d. Events, orientation, and reorientation.

23. What did the writer’s father promise to do?
a. Buying a cushion.
b. Giving a name to the cat.
c. Sharing the bed with the cat.
d. Following the cat wherever it goes.

24. What does the cat feed on?
a. Milk and water. c. Milk and meat.
b. Water and fish. d. Milk and fish.

25. The writer likes to tickle the cat’s belly.
Tickle means ….
a. touch lightly to cause purr.
b. push to make it go away.
c. touch to make it laugh.
d. touch to give support.

26. The text is written in the form of a ….
a. diary c. letter
b. story d. report

Read the text and answer questions 27 to 31.


The durian is the fruit of trees of the genus Durio belonging to the Malvaceae, a large family which includes hibiscus, okra, cotton, mallows and linden trees. Widely known and revered in Southeast Asia as the "King of Fruits” the fruit is distinctive for its large size, unique odor, and a formidable thorn-covered husk. The fruit can grow up to 30 centimeters (12 in) long and 15 centimeters (6 in) in diameter, and typically weighs one to three kilograms (2 to 7 lb). Its shape ranges from oblong to round, the color of its husk green to brown and its flesh pale-yellow to red, depending on species. The hard outer husk is covered with sharp, prickly thorns, while the edible flesh within emits the distinctive odor, which is regarded as either fragrant or overpowering and offensive. The odor of the ripe fruit is very strong and penetrating, even when the husk of the fruit is still intact.
The flesh of the durian, famously described by the British naturalist Alfred Russell Wallace as "a rich custard highly flavored with almonds", can be consumed at various stages of ripeness, and is used to flavor a wide variety of edibles, both savory and sweet.
Durians from different species or clones can have significantly different aromas; for example, red durian has a deep caramel flavor with a turpentine odor, while red-fleshed durian emits a fragrance of roasted almonds. The degree of ripeness has a great effect on the flavor as well. Three scientific analyses of the composition of durian aroma — from 1972, 1980, and 1995 — each found a different mix of volatile compounds, including esters, ketones and many different organosulfur compounds, with no agreement on which may be primarily responsible for the distinctive odor.

27. What are the distinctive features of durian?
a. The size, the odor, and the husk.
b. The unforgettable flavor.
c. The degree of ripeness.
d. The prickly thorns.

28. According to the text, the following statements
are TRUE, except ….
a. the odor of the ripe fruit is enjoyable.
b. a deep caramel is one of the durian’s flavor.
c. the hard outer husk is covered with sharp
d. durian revered in Southeast Asia as “King of Fruits”.

29. One of the aromas of durian is ….
a. hot caramel. c. sweet chocolate.
b. unidentified. d. roasted almonds.

30. The above text is in the form of ….
a. recount. c. procedure.
b. narrative. d. descriptive.

31. “The degree of … the flavor as well.” (Paragraph 3 line 3)
What is the meaning of ‘flavor’?
a. Taste and smell of food.
b. Sharp unpleasant taste.
c. Strong taste of a meal.
d. Taste of sugar.

Read this text and answer questions 32 to 34

How to Show Condensation
Materials needed
A transparent drinking glass
Some ice cubes

Step 1: fill the glass three-quarter full with water
Step 2: add the ice cubes to the water until the water level is so close to the top.
Step 3: leave the glass until water droplets from the outside of the glass.

The water droplets on the outside of the glass come from the air.
As the air outside the glass cools, the water vapor in the air condenses and water droplets are formed.
32. “How to show condensation” (Line 2)
What does the underlined word mean?
a. The act of changing something into a liquid.
b. The process of heating something into liquid.
c. Cause something to bubble and change into steam.
d. Cause something to change into vapor and disappear.

33. “ A transparent drinking glass” (Line 4)
The underlined word means ….
a. can be seen through something
b. can be soften with something
c. have a high temperature
d. not in the form of a gas

34. “Add the ice cubes to the water until the water level is so close to the top.” (Line 8)
The meaning of ‘cubes’ is ….
a. solid body having six equal square sides
b. deep round container for liquid
c. stiff container for holding solid
d. tight thing to hold an ice

This text is for number 35 to 37.

Jenny went to the circus with Edison and Shawn. First, they saw the seals perform. The seals balanced themselves on tires and rolled round the ring. A seal on a stool balanced an umbrella on its nose. After that, the trainer feed them with fish.
The next item was the knife-throwing act. Jenny was afraid to watch it, so she covered her eyes with her hand. Not long after, it was the lion’s act. It was the most exciting performance. The lions jumped through the burning hoops. Everyone held their breath when the lion trainer put his head into the lion’s mouth.
Finally, it was the clown’s act. Jenny and her brothers liked the clown’s act best. They look funny with their painted faces and baggy costumes. One of them swung a pail at Jenny. She screamed! Scraps of paper flew out the pail and the audience laughed.
At the end of the show, everyone clapped loudly.

35. “Jenny went to the circus with Edison and
Shawn.” (Line 1)
The meaning of ‘circus’ is ….
a. show off performing animals, acrobats, etc in a large tent
b. space or passage inside the entrance of the house
c. act, play, or sing to an audience
d. person or thing of the best kind

36. “The lions jumped through the burning hoops.”
(Paragraph 2 line 3) What is ‘hoops’?
a. Cover of the head.
b. Curved piece of metal.
c. Hard bony part of a thing.
d. Circular band of wood or metal.

37. “They looked … and baggy costumes.” (Paragraph 3 line 2)
‘Baggy’ is ….
a. hold tightly c. hanging loosely
b. fitting closely d. fastening firmly

38. Reach – keep – of – out – children – of
1 2 3 4 5 6
The best arrangement of these words is ….
a. 2-4-6-1-3-5 c. 4-6-2-5-3-1
b. 2-4-6-5-3-1 d. 6-2-3-41-5

39. Arrange these words below into a good sentence.
Stadium – base – Manchester – Old – the – United
1 2 3 4 5 6
– Trafford – is – of
7 8 9
a. 4-7-1-5-8-2-9-3-6 c. 5-4-7-1-8-9-3-6-2
b. 4-7-1-8-5-2-9-3-6 d. 5-4-7-1-8-2-3-6-9

40. Read the sentences below. Arrange these sentences into a good paragraph.


1 These violent storms are often a hundred miles in diameter, and their wind can reach velocities of seventy-five miles per hour or more.
2 The energy that is released by a hurricane in one day exceeds the total energy consumed by the humankind through out the world in one year.
3 Hurricanes exert tremendous power.
4 Furthermore, the strong wind and heavy rain fall that accompany them can completely destroy a small town in a couple of hours.
5 They can also be called cyclones.

a. 1-2-3-4-5
b. 3-5-1-4-2
c. 3-5-1-2-4
d. 5-4-3-2-1

41. Read the sentences below. Arrange these sentences into a good paragraph.

World Population Growth

1 It took more than 1,800 years for the population to reach one billion.
2 The United Nations has projected an increase to more than six billion by the year 2000.
3 According to the United Nations chart of world population growth, the world’s population suddenly multiplied in the nineteenth and twentieth century.
4 By 1975, when it reached four billions, it had doubled again in less than fifty years.
5 The world’s population has been increasing dramatically.
6 At the beginning of the Christian era, the estimated world population was 200 to 300 million.
7 Then in less than one hundred years, the figure doubled to two billions by 1930.

a. 5-3-6-1-7-4-2
b. 5-3-6-1-7-2-4
c. 5-3-6-7-1-2-4
d. 5-3-6-7-1-4-2

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