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latihan soal-soal kelas IX

Read the passage then answer questions 1 to 4.
A little boy was wandering aimlessly in villa Bandara housing estate. He was about six years old and had a dark complexion. He was dressed in a faded blue T-shirt and a pair of old shorts. He was barefooted and didn’t seem to know where he was. Many people passed by, but none of them paid attention to him.

Just then, Rugun Alama, who was a resident there, came down to meet her neighbor. The small boy caught her eyes. After watching him for some time the girl, who goes to SMP Kamal felt that there was something wrong with him.

“What’s your name? Where do you live? Where are your parents? Rugun questioned the boy in Indonesian. The little boy didn’t seem to understand her at all. He only stared at her. She tried again in Mandarin and English, but that, too, drew no response. Suddenly, the boy began to cry loudly. Rugun thought that the boy was hungry, so she took him to the food center ai4 bought some food for him.

After the meal, she took the boy round the neighborhood. She was hoping that the boy might be able to recognize his own house or flat or meet his parents. However, all her efforts were in vain. She asked herself, “Could has the child beei3 aban¬doned by his parents?” Rugun had no choice. but to hand the boy over to the police near her school.

1. What does the text tell you about?
a. Rugun Alama c. The lost child
b. Rugun’s neighbour d. The policeman’s child

2. What is Rugun Alama?
a. A student. c. A food seller
b. A teacher. d. A policewoman

3. Rugun took the boy to the food center because
a. he was crying.
b. he said that to her.
c. he thought he was hungry.
d. she thought he had enough money.

4. “... but none of them paid attention to him.” (paragraph 1)

What does the word “them” in the sentence refer to?
a. Rugum and the boy.
b. The boy’s parents.
c. The boy’s neighbors
d. Passers by.

5. Surana : A long ago, people hunted, fished and gathered food. They moved from place to place. Then some people realized they could plant seeds. They chose the best seeds from fruit and vegetable.
After that,
Edy : I know, gradually people’s way of life
changed. Families stayed in one place and
farm areas began to develop.
Surana : That’s right.

What is the synonym of the underlined word?
a. Collected. c. Found
b . Cooked. d. Got

6. Risda : Look at this painting. I think it’s very
Anggy : … . And they really aren’t very good, are
Risda : I guess so.
a. That the way I see
b. I can’t agree with you
c. You can’t mean that
d. You must be joking

For questions 7 and 8 read the short text and answer the question given.


Come to my birthday party
on Saturday night.


The text means that
a. Mellysa is going to celebrate her birthday party.
b. Desy invited Mellysa to attend her birthday party.
c. Mellysa informed about Desy’s birthday party.
d. Both Desy and Mellysa are going to have their birthday party


What does it mean?
a. Only the police have cars.
b. The police have cars.
c. Only police cars can park here.
d. The park is only for the police.

Read the texts and answer questions 9 and 10.


Please help!
I have lost 2 tickets for the ABBA live show
(August 10). I think l left them in the
canteen. If you find them, please call
Barbarra at 08158714371. or my friend
Gressa at 0215560202


Has been cancelled. Mr. Yantou is ill today.
He will hold the remedial tomorrow afternoon at
2.00 - 4.00 in the Laboratory
Adji/the class captain.

9. Who lost the tickets?
a. Adji. c. Barbara
b. Gressa d. Mr. Yantou

10. Why has the math remidial been delayed?
a. The teacher is sick
b. Mr. Yantou is abroad.
c. Adji informed about it.
d. Its program has been over.

For questions 11 to 13, choose the best words to fit the numbered blank.

English Language Club

Invites all… (11) of the club to attend a talk on
“How to make mobile animals”
Date : 27 May 2006
Day : Thursday
Time :10.30
Venue : School Hall

The club has invited an … (12) in art and handicraft from the National Museum

Please be … (13).

Miss Lona
English Language Club

11. a. members c. students
b. principals d. teachers

12. a. actor c. scientist
b. expert d. specialist

13. a. accurate c. creative
b. careful d. punctual

14. Choose the best sentence to complete this paragraph.
… .First, they are difficult to find. They are only
found in a few places in the world. Second,
they are useful. People use diamonds to cut
other stones. Third, diamonds do not
change. They stay the same for millions of
years. And finally, they are very beautiful.
a. Diamonds look very nice for every woman today.
b. Diamonds are very expensive for some reasons.
c. Who knows about diamonds of the world?
d. For me diamonds are really cheap ones.

15. Andika : Let’s sit under the tree. I’m tired.
Yessy : … Andika. There’s a snake on the left side
of the tree.
Andika : Oh, my God! It’s a cobra.
Thanks for warning me.
a. Come on. c. Hurry u
b. Watch out d. Don’t give up.

16. Study this table!
Statistic of a town

Population Number of Cars Number of Crimes committed per day
1975 3 million 450.000 10
1985 5 million 1.500.000 75
1995 7 million 3.500.000 300

According to the table in 1995 the town had the … crimes committed per day.
a. most c. best
c. least d. worst

17. Rizky : Mom’s birthday is next week. Why don’t
we have a small party?
Eva : Good idea. Whom … ?
Rizky : We’ll invite Grandpa and Grandma, of
curse. Who else? Hmmm, our neighbors,
the Brotos family, and aunt Merry.
Eva : Great! Let me write what we have to do.
Rizky : Okay.
a. did you invite c. do we invite
b. are we going to invite d. have you invited

18. Joko : That’s Ayu’s house, isn’t it?
Vita : No. It’s my new neighbor’s house.
Joko : So where’s Ayu’s house now?
Vita : Oh, she ... to Jogyakarta.
Joko : I see, but when?
a. is going to move c. has moved
b. was moving d. is moving
19. Santi : Hey, you know something?
I ... a really great program last Saturday
Nurul : Oh yeah? What was it?
Santi : The Olympic Games.
a. am watching c. watched
b. was watching d. will watch

20. Ricko : Look! Isn’t that Jojon, the clown?
Sidik : He moved here last week.
Ricko : … .
Sidik : That is his new house
a. You must be joking! c. How irritating!
c. What a nuisance! d. Oh dear!

21. Lina : It’s so hot in here, isn’t it?
Vera : Yes, it is.
Lina : Let’s go and buy ice cream, … ?
Vera : That sounds great!
a. will you c. don’t you
b. shall we d. aren’t we

Read the text and answer questions 22 to 25.
Inter-Club Football Match
The star of last Friday’s football match was undoubtedly Zikry, especially in the closing minutes of the match. The excitement really started when Karim passed the ball to Zikry, striker of PERSEKAM. Zikry dribbled the ball past one left winger and two defenders, but was stop by magnificent tackle from Dodo, striker from PERSEBI. Dodo kicked the ball high but Kasto intercepted it and again passed it to Zikri. Zikry has a shot at goal, but the goalkeeper Samin managed to save it.

A couple of minutes later, when a high ball came Zikry’s way, he jumped, headed it into the net and scored his second goal of the match.

A minute before the end of the match, Zikry was about two score again when he was fouled by Samin, who was immediately sent off by the referee. PERSEKAM once again beat PERSEBI 2-0.

22. The second paragraph tells about
a. the match in the closing minutes.
b. How Zikry scored his second goal
c. How samin was fouled by Zikry.
d. Persebi beat persekam.

23. What was Zikry’s position in the match?
a. Goalkeeper. c. Left winger
b. Defender d. Striker

24. A minute before the end of the match the number of the Persebi players was ... persons.
a. 8 c. 10
b. 9 d. 11

25. “... who was immediately sent off
What does the underlined word mean?
a. soon c. lately
b. fairly d. finally

26. Ricky : I can’t wear these, Mum. They are old
fashioned and ugly. Mrs. Ann : Ugly? I think they’re ... than those ones.
Ricky : Well, those are cheaper.
Mrs. Ann : Of course they’re cheaper. They are only
plastic. These are leather.
a. worse c. simpler
b. nicer d. uglier

27. Ayunda : Darry, do you know where my dictionary
Darry : No, I don’t. Do you, Sheila?
Sgella : … .Why don’t you ask Lina?
Maybe she knows.
a. I don’t either c. so do I
b. Neither am I d. I do too

Read the text and answer questions 28 to 31.
The night before Septiany left for Canada, she packed her suitcase. Septiany took gifts for her relatives. She carefully wrapped each gift. The small ceramic lamp was fragile. Septiany rolled it in spongy plastic. The wooden sculpture, wrapped in a towel, was for aunt Eliza and uncle Rogers. They like art objects very much. A silver necklace, in a tiny white box, was for her cousin, Winnie.

In the morning, Septiany was ready to go. Her father drove her to the airport. In the car, Septiany felt very confident. When she arrived at the airport, suddenly she felt just the opposite. She walked slowly to the check-in counter. She got a seat near a window.

Inside the plane, she looked out to see her father. He was waving from the lobby. She could hardly see him there. He looked very small. A flight attendant reminded her to fasten her seat belt. She talked to Septiany for a moment. It made her feel better.

28. What is the text about?
a. The situation during the flight.
b. The way to board the plane.
c. Septiany’s plane in Canadian airport.
d. What Septiany did before leaving for Canada.

29. Why did Septiany walk very slowly to the check-in counter?
a. She felt nervous.
b. She was very confident.
c. She didn’t get the best seat.
d. Her father didn’t go with her.

30. Which of the following is true about Septiany?
a. Her father did not accompany her to the airport.
b. She could see his father clearly in the lobby.
c. Her aunt’s name was Winnie Rogers.
d. It was her first time to go abroad.

31. “..., in a tiny white box, ...“ (paragraph 2)
What does the word “tiny” mean?
a. Really strong. c. So wonderful
b. Very small. d. A bit expensive

Read the poster below, then answer questions 32 to 34.

Come and show your ability
Open to all Year 7 and Year 8 students.
Closing date for registration: 10th May 2006 :
Closing date for submitting : 28th May 2006 :
Teacher-in-charge : Anthony Cipularang :

Title of Essay : My Country in 2020

1st prize – Rp. 3 million
2nd prize – Rp. 2 million
3rd prize – Rp. 1 million

Rules :
1. Participants must write not less than 300 words
2. They must ensure that the essay is original and self-written
3. They must write on one side of a foolscap paper and on alternate lines
4. Writing must be in print and in ink, not pencil
5. Writing must be neat and legible

Sponsored by :
Casper Petrol Company

32. This poster is meant for
a. all students of the school
b. all those who are interested
c. students who are good at English
d. students of 13 to 14 years of age.

33. Who would provide the prizes for the winners of the
a. Anthony Chipularang.
b. The headmaster of the school.
c. English Language Society.
d. Casper Petrol Company.

34. The word ‘legible’ in the poster means ... to be read.
a. clean c. nice
b. clear d. untidy

35.Fony : My grandfather will pat me on the head
If I ... him. You know this is what I hate it.
Lalela : Ah, just forget it. That means he likes you, OK?
a. will meet c. am meeting
b. has met d. meet

36. Bram : Excuse me.
Man : Yes, sir.
Bram : Can you tell me the way to the hospital?
Man : Which hospital do you want?
Bram : Fatmawati.
Man : Well, go down this road and take the
Second turning on the right.
Bram : Thanks.
What is Bram doing in the dialogue?
a. Asking for direction. c. Making an apology
b. Giving information. d. Receiving instruction

37. Freddy : Sorry to hear about your daughter. Is it serious?
Sisca : ... Doctor hasn’t informed me about her
Freddy : I hope she’s fine.
Sisca : Me too.
a. Yes, really c. I hope so
b. I’m not sure d. I’m certain

38. Sity : This is the bus for us. Please sit down.
What do you think?
Saffar : Wow, ... Our travel will be nicer.
a. What a comfortable bus it is!
b. How comfortable is this bus?
c. What is a comfortable bus?
d. How hard this seat of the bus is!

39. Assistant : Can I help you?
Cindy : Yes. Can I see the red skirt, please?
Assistant : What, this one?
Cindy : Yes, that’s right, but can I try it on?
Assistant : Yes, of course. The changing room’s over
The word that can best replace ‘changing” in the
dialogue above is …
a. waiting c. measuring
b. fitting d. wearing

40. Edy : Who are the two girls over there?
Ary : You mean the ones under that tree?
Edy : Yep. Do you know?
Ary : Yes, … are my classmates. What’s up?
Edy : Nothing.
a. Both c. None
b. Each d. Either

41. Lily : Hey Han! I saw you walking home
Handy : My father’s motorcycle was broken
yesterday. … I had to go home on foot.
Lily : Sorry to hear that.
a. Because c. However
b. So d. Yet

The following text to answer questions 42 to 46

Jakarta Governor Opens

Jakarta (L1N) — Jakarta Governor Sutiyoso launched the new bus-way facility, calling on private motorists, particularly those passing Blok M in South Jakarta to Kota in North Jakarta to make sacrifices for the sake of the bus-way success.

“Private motorists should make sacrifices for the common interest of people,” he said during the ceremony held at the (ielora Bung Karno bus stop.He said the 12.9 km corridor is the first phase of the planned 14 bus-way corridors, covering 150 km of roads.

Eager to Enjoy

Meanwhile, Jakarta residents living near the TransJakarta
Busway Lane stretching from Blok M in Central Jakarta to
Kota in North Jakarta, queued up at bus stops to try out the
mass transit system scheduled to be launched at 10.30 a.m.

Some Jakartans had to form a 10 meter line at the Benhill bus stop in Central Jakarta, to get the opportunity to enjoy the new transportation facility, which will provide free bus tickets for the next two weeks. (Zul/Mu/Pli)

42. What does the text above mostly tell you about?
a. The launching of Busway.
b. The mass transit system.
c. The residents living near Busway.

43. Governor Sutiyoso officially opened the new bus-way
at the ... bus stop.
a. Benhill c. Bok M
b. Gelora Bung Karno d. Kota

44. Why did so many people want to try out the Busway?
a. the tickets were still free.
b. they wanted to see the Governor.
c. they could directly get on the bus.
d. the Busway is free of charge

45. Who would be unhappy by launching of the new
bus-way system?
a. Jakarta residents. c. Private motorist.
b. Governor Sutiyoso. d. Street vendors.

46. The word in the text which means long narrow passage from which doors open into rooms or compartments is
a. corridor c. road
b. facility d. way

Read the text and answer questions 47 to 50.

People can cry, laugh or get angry while watching tele¬vision. These are the things that can be brought by the magic box, television. It can bring the world into your living room just by clicking a remote control.

Sometimes you can do things that you cannot imagine before because of television. Have you seen a variety show one of the private televisions? The show gives a chance to people who are looking for their missing family members. And it works! Since the show can be watched throughout Indonesia, there are families who are re-united after long years of separation. Can you imagine that?

However, the impacts of television are like two sides of a coin. It is not always for the better. It is also for the worse.! Have you ever counted the time you spend watching televi¬sion and studying in a day! If you spend more time to watch television than to study, then you are under the bad influ¬ence of television. You have forgotten that your main duty as a student is studying. So, don’t be a TV addict.

47. What is the text about?
a. The bad effects of television.
b. The ways people watch television.
c. TV addicts and their influences to the people.
d. The advantages and disadvantages of television.

48. Television can reunite separated members of a family because …
a. Everyone in the world watches it.
b. They watch the television.
c. Television is really a magic.
d. All families have television.

49. “... then you are under the bad influence of television.”
What does the word “you” in the sentence refer to?
a. All the people. c. The readers.
b. Students. d. The audience.

50. 5Don’t be a TV addict.” (paragraph 3)
The underlined phrase means a person who watching television.
a. can stop c. isn’t able to stop.
b. dislike d. always forget

For questions 51 to 53, choose the most suitable word to complete the text.

Both telephones and telegraphs are the early forms of long ... (51) communication. However, the senders require wires to transmit information or messages to the receivers.
Radio is a new form of communication in which messages are transmitted by means of electromagnetic waves. A transmitter antenna sends information in the form of radio waves. A radio broadcast can ... (52) the latest news or other information throughout the world. Radio waves has the speed of the light to carry ... (53). When the waves arrive at the receiving antenna, a small electrical voltage will be produced after being amplified. The information contained in the radio waves is presented in an understandable form, such as voices, printed pages or pictures on television.

51. a. constant c. instant
b. distant d. important

52. a. hear c. relay
b. perform d. repeat

53. a. messages c. telecast
c. reports d. viewers

Read the text below to answer questions 54 to 56.
Indian Ocean. The fourth ocean, known as the Arctic Ocean, lies at the northern end of the earth while the fifth, the Antarctic Ocean, is at the southern end. The other bodies of water include lakes and rivers.

The oceans play quite a vital part in our lives. Ships sail on them, plying between continents carrying cargo. This is abundant food in the oceans. Most importantly, they help to keep the earth cool. If there were no oceans, there would be no life on this earth as the earth would be very hot and dry with no rain. It would be just as barren as a desert, if not worse.

Life in the ocean is of a considerable variety made up of three groups- animals, plants and plant¬like living things called organisms. The smallest living thing in the ocean are tiny organisms and the largest is the blue whale. What sort of food does the ocean provide us? The list includes fish, shellfish and seaweed all of which are nutritious and of many different kinds.

54. Which is the deepest ocean in the world?
a. The Pacific Ocean.
b. The Atlantic Ocean.
c. The Indian Ocean.
d. The Antarctic.

55. From the text we learn that
a. there is hardly any life in the ocean
b. there is more land than water on this earth
c. goods are transported by ocean-going vessels
d. oceans are responsible for the deserts on this earth

56. The word ‘considerable’ in the last paragraph means
a. mixed c. unlimited
b. countless d. great

58. Arrange these sentences into a good paragraph.
1. Or birds will eat the seeds on the soil’s surface.
2. It is wasteful when you plant seeds by scattering them over the ground.
3. Others will be washed away by rain.
4. Some will be blown away by the wind.
a. 4,2,1,3 c. 2,1,4,3
b. 4,1,3,2 d. 2,4,3,1

59. Mr. Sanan : How much?
Cashier : It’ll be $ 30.
Mr. Sanan : … .
Cashier : Sure. Thank you.
a. Sorry, how can you wrap all of this?
b. Could you wrap it for me, please?
c. Anyway, What can you wrap for me?
d. Did you wrap it for me?

How to set your wake up call from your telephone.

1. Pick up your telephone receiver.
2. Press 2 then *
3. And then set the time required.
4. After your wake up time has been set up has been heard put down your telephone receiver.

We can find this kind of notice in … .
a. a telecommunication center
b. a local restaurant
c. a big hospital
d. a hotel

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