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latihan soal-soal kelas IX

Choose the right answer for number 1 to 7
1. Mrs. Susi : Hey! You’re late again!
Ani : Sorry, Mom.
Mrs. Susi : … is your house from here?
Ani : About 1 km.
a. How long c. How soon
b. How far d. How wide

2. Lita : It’s the Valentine day today. Why don’t
we have a party?
Irma : ... We’d better concentrate on our
coming national exam. We don’t want to
fail, right?
Lita : You’re right.
a. I agree with you.
b. I don’t agree with you.
c. Good idea.
d. I’d love to

3. Habib : Will you join us going to the mountain?
Arie : ... The weather is not so good today.
a. I’m not sure c. I’m not keen on it.
b. I’m not ready. d. I’m not in favor of it.

4. Levita : Oh my God! I … my wallet.
Novie : What a pity! Let’s find it.
a. get c. got
b. lose d. lost


The text means press the button
a. to close the lift doors.
b. after the doors close.
c. while the doors are closing
d. before the doors close

The text means press the button …
a. to close the lift doors.
b. after the doors close.
c. while the doors are closing.
d. before the doors close.

Read the letter and answer questions 8 to 10.
Dear Rosy,

I live in a small town called Beverly. Although small but it is lovely. It also has a beautiful seaside front. On summer holiday I often go there in the evening. People in my town are friendly and nice. They always help each other. I think these are the nice things of the town that I like best. I hope we communicate not only through letters but also meet each other here someday. Keep in touch!



8. What is the letter about?
a. Seaside front. c. World towns
b. Beverly. d. Summer holiday

9. Which of the statements is correct about the writer?
a. She does not live in Indonesia.
b. Her small town is not nice for hen.
c. Rosy is the only friend she has.
d. People in her town are not friendly

10. The letter shows that Rosy and Eliza meet each other.
a. often c. never
b. always d. sometimes

The notice means that …
a. You should not swim here.
b. You may swim carefully there.
c. You have to go to the water to swim.
d. You’d better swim in the afternoon only.

Special Lunch Until 2.30 p.m
Just for $2.50
12. Where can you find the notice?
a. At the restaurant
b. At the market
c. At the discothèque
d. At the mall

Read the text and answer questions 13 to 16.
There are seventeen different types of penguins. They can be from forty centimeters to more than one meter tall. They all live in the south part of the world. In winter, they swim a long way to find warmer weather.
In spring, many penguins come together on the beaches of America. The female penguin has one or two eggs. She puts her eggs on ground and sits there to keep them warm. But she doesn’t sit all the time because penguins can move with one egg between their legs.
When the female penguin is sitting on the eggs, the male penguin brings hen food. He also does this when the baby penguins are born.

13. What is the text about?
a. South part of the world.
b. Beaches of America.
c. Baby penguins.
d. Penguins.

14. “... sits there to keep them warm.”
What does the word “them” refer to?
a. Penguin’s eggs. c. Beaches of America
b. Female penguins. d. Penguin’s legs

15. “He also does this when the baby penguins are born.”
The word “this” refers to the activity of...
a. sitting on the eggs c. caring baby penguins
b. bringing the food d. moving the eggs

16. Why do penguins swim along way to other places in
the winter?
a. To avoid cold weather
b. To find good food
c. To find their mates
d. To lay eggs

For questions 17 to 21, read the article and choose the best word for each space.

Jehan Begum was born on a farm in the hill. She lived there with her family … (17) thirteen years. The family grew their own food and kept animals. But then one year it did not rain so they decided to move to … (18) country.
The journey … (19) the mountains was long and difficult. Her first home in the new country was a tent. Then Jehan’s brothers made a house with wood and stones so the family had somewhere better to live.
Now, each day Jehan makes things like hats and socks out of wool. She sells … (20) in the market to get money for food. She is happy with her home and her work, … (21) she still hopes to return to her farm in the hills one day.

17. a. for c. since
b. after d. before

18. a. another c. that
b. any d. others

19. a. against c. at
b. through d. with

20. a. it c. they
b. them d. theirs

21. a. then c. but
b. next d. finally

Read the text and answer questions 22 to 25.
Friday 13 March

Important day! Started off badly: car couldn’t start, couldn’t get taxi, had to take bus. Late for interview. Felt hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable, met other candidates all cool, relaxed, confident. Interview didn’t go very well. Selection committee was aggressive. Didn’t make good impression. Asked me to wait outside for decision. Thought of going home but decided to wait anyway. Secretary told me I was still on list of possible candidates. Couldn’t believe it. Second interview this afternoon.

Afternoon interview went very well- they asked right questions and I gave right answers. They were just going to offer me the job (I thought)
when phone call came in for chairman. Asked me to wait outside. Called me back after quarter of an hour- told me position was filled. Asked why I was disqualified. Told that applicants from inside the organization were preferred to those from

22. “Ask why I was disqualified.”
The word “I” refers to
a. the writer c. the chairman
b. the interviewer d. the applicant

23. The text is written in the form of....
a. Caution c. Manual
b. Diary d. Letter

24. he text shows that the writer ... in getting the job that day.
a. succeeded c. was good
b. failed d. didn’t work hard

25. Which of the following did not make the writer late
for the interview?
a. His car could not start.
b. He could not take a taxi.
c. He had to take a bus.
d. The weather was hot

Read the text and answer questions 26 to 30.

The artic is one of the few places in the world untouched by pollution where you can see nature at its wildest and most beautiful. Join our ship the Northern Star from 2 to 18 July, for a 17-day voyage to the Artic. During the voyage you are able to relax and get away from it all. There are no parties or films to attend, quizzes to enter, or entertainers to watch. However, we do have specialists on board who are willing to answer any of your questions about the Artic and who will talk about the animals and birds that you see on the trip.

After setting off from Scotland, we go north along the coast of Norway to Bird Island. Along the way you will see thousands of seabirds and wonderful scenery with rivers of ice and huge cliffs. You will have the chance to see reindeer, polar bears and other Artic animals. Although we have a timetable, experience has shown that we may have to change our direction a little, depending on the weather and on which animals appear.

The Northern star is a very special ship and our past voyages have been very popular. Our cabins all have the same excellent facilities, which include a private bathroom and refrigerator. Our chefs are happy to prepare any food for people on special diets. Choose just what you want to eat from the wide variety available from the dining room buffet. There is library, shop, clinic, and plenty of space for relaxation. If you need some exercise, why not go jogging every morning around the decks, on do some swimming in the indoor pool.

26. The above text mostly talks about
a. journey to the Artic on board a ship
b. the beauty of Northern star
c. the fantastic scenery of the Artic
d. beautiful places in the world

27. Which of the statements is correct based on the text?
a. The trip is for people who like peace and quite.
b. Many different activities are organized on board.
c. The ship follows a fixed route.
d. The voyage begins in Norway.

28. The text shows that the trip
a. does not cost much money.
b. Is only for rich people.
c. Is not interesting.
d. Must be expensive.

29. “After setting off from Scotland
What does the word “setting off’ mean?
a. boarding c. leaving
b. entering d. visiting

30. What does paragraph 3 talk about?
a. Facilities of the ship.
b. People’s experience
c. The beauty of the pool.
d. Kind chefs of the ship.

For questions 31 to 34 choose the best words for each space.
How Were They Built
For centuries people have looked at the pyramids and been astonished. They … (31) how the Egyptians, who possessed only simple tools, could have constructed such gigantic monuments. People have speculated … (32) all sorts of supposedly magical “secrets of the pyramids”. Some have even claimed that beings from outer space helped to build the pyramids. However, scientists do not have … (33) respect for that idea. … (34) they believe the key to building the pyramids was the ability to organize large numbers of workers over a long period of time.

31. a. wondering c. have wondered
b. should wonder d. never wondered

32 a. about c. around
b. before d. through

33. a. much c. many
b. most d. more

34. a. Except c. Although
b. Instead d. Therefore

Read the text and answer questions 35 to 39.
Ainsley Harrisott

I’ve always been a bit of an entertainer and played the funny man. I was a part-time comedian for years, so I learned how now stand in front of audiences. It made me sure of myself. I like being liked and I love making everyone smile.

I’ve lived in London all my live and have just moved to a larger house with my wife Clare and our two children, Jeremy and Madeleine. We spend a lot of time just singing and dancing around the house. I grew up with music because my dad is pianist, Chester Harriott — who’s still playing, by the way. My working day is divided between television and writing cook books, though TV takes most of my time. I spend about five days a fortnight working on the cooking programmer I appear in. I eat all sorts of things at home but I only buy quality food. When I’m cooking, I experiment with whatever is in the fridge- it’s good practice for my TV series.

I’m a football fan and enjoy going to matches, but I’m a home-loving person really. I don’t like going to the pub but we do go out to eat about twice a month. There’s nothing better than a night at home playing with the children. I merely go to bed before midnight. Late evening is when fresh thoughts on cooking usually come to me, so I often write or play my programmers then. When I eventually get to bed, I have no trouble sleeping!

35. What is the writer’s main purpose in writing the text?
a. To describe how he lives.
b. To say what makes him laugh.
c. To talk about his cooking ideas.
d. To explain how he started in TV.

36. What would a reader learn about Ainsley from the text?
a. He is a very good musician
b. He likes to plan the family meals
c. He is nervous about performing on stage
d. He enjoy spending time with his family

37. What does the writer say about himself?
a. he loves going out and meeting people
b. he is very similar to his father
c. he enjoys being popular
d. he should go to bed earlier

38. What does he say about his working life?
a. He would like to appear less on TV
b. He gets his best ideas at certain times
c. He prefers being a comedian
d. He should practice cooking more

39. Which of the following is the description of the writer?
a.The popular TV comedian who enjoys cooking, watching football, and
having a busy social live.
b.The TV cook who loves making people laugh, watching football and, above
all, having a happy family live.
c.The singing TV cook who likes making jokes, playing with his children, and
having an early night.
d.The cook and comedian who takes great care about the way he cooks his food
and enjoys listening to music more than anything
Read the text and answer questions 40 to 42.

Dry chemical fire extinguisher.
Applicable: wood, paper, textile, rubber,
oil, gas and electric fires, etc.

To operate:
1. Pull out safety pen.
2. Draw out the hose.
3. Squeeze the lever directing the nozzle against source of fine.
1. Avoid exposing to direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
2. Refill exclusively 3,5 kg of peacock brand multipurpose only chemical fine extinguishing powder by the designated agent.
3. Turn the exhaust plug and decompress the internal pressure before opening the cap. Be sure to screw back the exhaust plug after decompressing and label a new indication mark.
4. Replace new C02 gas cartridge.
5. Be sure to replace seal plate.

40. What is the peacock?
a. A dry chemical fire extinguisher.
b. A gas and electric fine nozzle.
c. A new brand of gas cartridge.
d. A well-known designated agent

41. How many steps should you do to operate
the peacock?
a. 2 c. 4
b. 3 d. 5

42. “Replace new C02 gas cartridge” What does the underlined word mean?
a. Put c. Cover
b. Change d. Close

Read the text and answer questions 43 to 46.
An Arab once had a horse that had served him faithfully for years, but was now very old and thus no longer wanted. “Go away!” The master told the horse. When you return as strong as a lion, you’ll find the stable door open for you again!’

So the poor horse had to leave. On the road he met a fox, to whom a horse told his story. The fox consoled him at once: “Have courage, dear horse! Lie down here on the road and pretend to be dead. Then just leave everything to me!”

The fox then run off to the den of large lion. ‘There is a dead horse on the road!’ he exclaimed. “You should go and get it!”. “Fine”, said the lion, “but how will I drag it back here? It will weigh too much!”

“Don’t worry, my friend”, replied the fox. “I will tie the horse for your tail!”

The lion agreed to this plan, and when they reached the horse the fox tied it tightly to the lion’s tail. As soon as the last knot was tied, the fox shouted, “Hup! Home!” to the horse.

The horse leapt to his master, drugging the enraged and struggling lion behind him. When the Arab saw the two animals he said, “Well, my old friend, you really are stronger than a lion. From now on, I’ll look after you until the day you die!”

43. What is the text about?
a. The faithful horse and the fox.
b. The stupid lions and his enemies.
c. The Arab and his fox.
d. Animals in the jungle.

44. What was the horse’s problem?
a. He had a cunning fox.
b. He was not young anymore.
c. Lion was afraid of him.
d. He was stronger than before.

45. How was the horse’s problem solved?
a. The fox helped him deceive the lion.
b. He ate the lion in front of his master.
c. He tied the lion and the fox together.
d. He together with the fox killed the lion.

46. What is the purpose of telling the story?
a. To describe about the lion
b. To entertain the readers
c. To give an opinion
d. To tell one’s experience

For questions 47 and 49 choose the word closes in meaning to the underlined words.
Conveniently located near the hearts of two major cities, Singgasana hotels in Surabaya and Makasar offer the perfect combination of business and pleasure close to local comforts and with (47) superb facilities equipped to make your business meetings and seminars impressive and productive over levels of professional service will cater for all your needs and when it is time to unwind over comfortable surroundings with superb rooms offer the perfect environment to sit back and relax, enjoy a sumptuous meal, (48) unwind around the pool or just soak up the atmosphere.
So whether you are staying for business, pleasure or for family vacation Singgasana hotels will impress, (49) delight and enhance your stay making you feel like it is always good to come home.

47. a. very good c. fairly challenging
b. a bit complete d. really absorbing

48. a. go c. swim
b. relax d. lie

49. a. make relaxed c. get a new thing
b. become fresh d. give pleasure

50. Read the sentences and choose the order in which they make a story.
(1) This is because it is trying to decide whether to pounce or creep.
(2) Cats wave their tails when they are trying to make up their minds.
(3) When a cat stalks a bird it often waves its tail.
(4) As soon as they have made up their mind the waving stops.

The best order for the sentences is
a. 1,3,4,2 c. 3,2,1,4
b. 2,4,3,1 d. 4,1,2,3

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